Saturday, December 21, 2013

Grace the dancer

Grace has rhythm.  Have you ever typed the word rhythm.  The English language is a mess.  As I like to say "You shouldn't be mean to someone who doesn't know the meaning of mean.  They are probably just average." Anyway, going on, when Grace hears music with a distinct beat she has a tendency to break out into a spontaneous dance.  And it's always to the beat.  She has some funny dances, but my favorite is when she makes her arms all stiff, kind of like a robot, and then grooves around the room with her little mechanical arms moving to the beat.  Every once in awhile I'll get up and join her in her"dance."

There have been plenty of occasions when Tracey and I have also broken into some goofy dance.  Sometimes with music and sometimes without.  The girls think it's funny, and it's those moments when I think "Do normal families do this?"  Probably not most.  It's a lot of fun to be goofy and make your kids laugh.  Actually there are also times when Tracey and I have done this and its only us in the kitchen.

So, I guess I never posted this and I'm not sure why there are pictures of the girls learning to ride bikes next to a post about Grace dancing, but since this draft looks like it was never posted 6 years ago (?) I guess I'll post it now.

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